Linda Ryma 

The Boreal Forest

"Ontario’s boreal forest is the largest forest region in Ontario and Canada. With an area of 50 million hectares, the boreal forest contains two-thirds of Ontario’s forest. It extends from the northern limits of the Great Lakes–St. Lawrence forest to the Hudson Bay Lowlands." - Province of Ontario

"The forest permeates life in Northwestern Ontario. It endows its human culture and inspires its art. The Woodland School of aboriginal art began here with the paintings of Norval Morrisseau. The spectacular scenery of the North Shore of Lake Superior inspired some of the best works of the Group of Seven. The Incredible Journey, Sheila Burnford's best-seller that triggered three Disney movies, was set and written here. And Robert Flaherty, the world's first documentary filmmaker best-known for his immortal Nanook of the North, learned his photography in the wilds of this northwestern region." -

The beauty of this region, where I am so fortunate to live, inspired me to create a piece that highlighted some of the wildlife that live in this area.  All of the images used to create the piece were taken by me.

"Ethereal Forest"

Exclusive 1/1

 A quick video showing how "Ethereal Forest" was created. 


About The Artist

Living on the shore of the majestic Lake Superior provides a plethora of scenic opportunities for both the portrait and landscape photographer.  The beauty of Northwestern Ontario is what attracted Linda Ryma to photography. 

Linda is a Master of Photographic Arts, First Bar, with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC).  She has also achieved accreditation in eight categories with the PPOC. She graduated from the New York Institute of Photography - Professional Photography Course in 2017 and has served as Chair, PPOC Ontario Region since 2019.

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